What is

Fashion is always looking for the latest trend to absorb it and then spread it to the rest of the world. So, when the worlds of fashion and internet collide, we can expect to see emphasis on the latest trend that everybody is trying to carry around.

'' aims to create a unique and characteristic visual style that fits your personality. This particularly improves your fashion skills and makes you confident with your own self. 

'You are responsible for yourself'

Who is Shivangi?

Me Myself !


Hi, my name is Shivangi Yadav, people also know me as Dolly. I am from Lucknow and currently residing in Delhi, where at the time I am pursuing my graduation in fashion designing. 

Rest my pictures allow me to tell an ongoing story of my personality and style.

What is fashion for me?


My style philosophy is having fun and being confident with my clothes. You can say I am a 'Chameleon' because one day I am dressed up like a Disney Princess and the other day, a Tomboy. I try to create casual high street fashion style that you can wear everyday. And always remember its not about body type and complexion, its only about PERSONALITY and FASHION.

Why I started?


So, I remember back in the days when I was a kid after finishing my homework, I would be head deep in my mom’s wardrobe playing dress up. This habit never stopped and I landed here. As I sunk deeper in this field, I knew this was the one for me and here I am before you.